Monday, 14 December 2009

Statement : Re: Alan Lee / Dj / Production / Business

As you all may be aware, I have not been as active Dj'ing or producing much in 2009. The sole reasons for this is I have been commuting from Liverpool to London for much of 2009 in order to arrange plans and the set up process of two new businesses planned to open online end of 2010 (Bigbeatz Records).

As you may know the online Vinyl Pressing / Cd / Dvd pressing plant has been wound up due to the credit crunch which hit most of the country hard at the end of 2008 and in the early part of 2009 then 2010 is looking a much brighter year for all concerned. However, if anyone was effected by this then please contact the offices with your concerns via email which is on the letter sent via post and email to all customers on the datebase. Please allow 2 weeks for a reply

2010 will see more time for Studio Productions & Business, and 2011 will be back Dj'in at major venues.

I'll keep everyone up to date with new and exciting plans ahead and thanks for all the support over the last year.

Have a great Xmas and New Year! and see you all in 2010.